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I am interested to control the switch from my home automation system based on Beckhoff CX Controller. If this works, the smart plugs will be a cost-efficient extension of my existing hard-wired home automation system.

What do I have to do to achieve this functionality? Mine is on firmware 1. The pin code does not work during setup.

Apparently this is a common problem with these on 1. Does anyone know how I can use this exploit to upgrade the firmware? Your email address will not be published.

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March 20, at 9: December 24, at 8: April 29, at 6: June 16, at 2: June 17, at 3: December 25, at Hi, I have the EU version with the current firmware 2.

January 12, at 6: Hi, a lot of posts regarding the smart switch of D-Link. Any help, tips or advise are welcome! I see some info has disappeared in my post above here, here is the complete info: June 10, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

In the pyramid texts they play a curious part, Shu being supposed to carry away hunger from the deceased, and Tefnut his thirst.

Seb or Qeb , the fourth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Shu, husband of Nut, and by her father of Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

Originally he was the god of the earth, and is called both the father of the gods, and the " erpa i. In many places he is called the "great cackler" and he was supposed to have laid the egg from which the world sprang.

Already in the pyramid texts he has become a god of the dead by virtue of representing the earth wherein the deceased was laid.

Ausar or Osiris , the sixth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Seb and Nut, and the husband of his sister Isis, the father of "Horus, the son of Isis," and the brother of Set and Nephthys.

The version of his sufferings and death by Plutarch has been already described see p. Whatever may have been the foundation of the legend, it is pretty certain that his character as a god of the dead was well defined long before the versions of the pyramid texts known to us were written, and the only important change which took place in the views of the Egyptians concerning him in later days was the ascription to him of the attributes which in the early dynasties were regarded as belonging only to Ra or to Ra-Tmu.

Originally Osiris was a form of the sun-god, and, speaking generally, he may be said to have represented the sun after he had set, and as such was the emblem of the motionless dead; later texts identify him with the moon.

The Egyptians asserted that he was the father of the gods who had given him birth, and, as he was the god both of yesterday and of to-day, he became the type of eternal existence and the symbol of immortality; as such he usurped not only the attributes of Ra, but those of every other god, and at length he was both the god of the dead and the god of the living.

As judge of the dead he was believed to exercise functions similar to those attributed to God. Alone among all the many gods of Egypt, Osiris was chosen as the type of what the deceased hoped to become when, his body having been mummified in the prescribed way, and ceremonies proper to the occasion having been performed and the prayers said, his glorified body should enter into his presence in heaven; to him as "lord of eternity," by which title as judge of the dead he was commonly addressed, the deceased appealed to make his flesh to germinate and to save his body from decay.

A very complete series of illustrations of the forms of Osiris is given by Lanzone in his Dizionario , tavv. The ceremonies connected with the celebration of the events of the sufferings, the death and the resurrection of Osiris occupied a very prominent part in the religious observances of the Egyptians, and it seems as if in the month of Choiak a representation of.

Loret in Recueil de Travaux , tom. A perusal of this work explains the signification of many of the ceremonies connected with the burial of the dead, the use of amulets, and certain parts of the funeral ritual; and the work in this form being of a late date proves that the doctrine of immortality, gained through the god who was "lord of the heavens and of the earth, of the underworld and of the waters, of the mountains, and of all which the sun goeth round in his course,"[1] had remained unchanged for at least four thousand years of its existence.

Auset or Isis , the seventh member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus; her woes have been described both by Egyptian and Greek writers.

The animal sacred to her was the cow, hence she sometimes wears upon her head the horns of that animal accompanied by plumes and feathers.

In one aspect she is identified with the goddess Selk or Serq, and she then has upon her head a scorpion, the emblem of that goddess;[3] in another aspect she is united to the star Sothis, and then a star is added to her crown.

As a nature goddess she is seen standing in the boat of the sun, and she was probably the deity of the dawn. Heru or Horus , the sun-god, was originally a totally distinct god from Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, but from the earliest times it seems that the two gods were confounded, and that the attributes of the one were ascribed to the other; the fight which Horus the sun-god waged against night and darkness was also at a very early period identified with the combat between Horus, the son of.

Isis, and his brother Set. The visible emblem of the sun-god was at a very early date the hawk is, which was probably the first living thing worshipped by the early Egyptians; already in the pyramid texts the hawk on a standard is used indiscriminately with to represent the word "god.

Horus , the son of Osiris and Isis, appears in Egyptian texts usually as Heru-p-khart, " Horus the child," who afterwards became the "avenger of his father Osiris," and occupied his throne, as we are told in many places in the Book of the Dead.

In the pyramid texts the deceased is identified with Heru-p-khart, and a reference is made to the fact that the god is always represented with a finger in his mouth.

A very interesting figure of this god represents him holding his eyes in his hands; see Lanzone, op. Set or Sutekh the eighth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Seb and Nut, and the husband of his sister Nephthys.

The worship of this god is exceedingly old, and in the pyramid texts we find that be is often mentioned with Horus and the other gods of the Heliopolitan company in terms of reverence.

He was also believed to perform friendly offices for the deceased, and to be a god of the Sekhet-Aaru, or abode of the blessed dead.

He is usually depicted in human form with the head of an animal which has not yet been identified; in later times the head of the ass was confounded with it, but the figures of the god in bronze which are preserved in the British Museum and elsewhere prove beyond a doubt that the head of Set is that of an animal unknown to us.

In the early dynasties he was a beneficent god, and one whose favour was sought after by the living and by the dead, and so late as the XIXth dynasty kings delighted to call themselves "beloved of Set.

Originally Set, or Sut, represented the natural night and was the opposite of Horus;[2] that Horus and Set were opposite aspects or forms of the same god is proved by the figure given by Lanzone Dizionario , tav.

The natural opposition of the day and night was at an early period confounded with the battle which took place between Horus, the son of Isis, and Set, wherein Isis intervened, and it seems that the moral idea of the battle of right against wrong[3] became attached to the latter combat, which was undertaken by Horus to avenge his father's murder by Set.

Nebt-het or Nephthys the last member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the daughter of Seb and Nut, the sister of Osiris and Isis, and the.

In the pyramid of Unas, l. When the sun rose at the creation out of the primeval waters, Nephthys occupied a place in his boat with Isis and other deities; as a nature goddess she either represents the day before sunrise or after sunset, but no portion of the night.

She is depicted in the form of a woman, having upon her head the hieroglyphics which form her name, "lady of the house".

A legend preserved by Plutarch[1] makes her the mother of Anpu or Anubis by Osiris. In Egyptian texts Anpu is called the son of Ra. Anpu , or Anubis, the son of Osiris or Ra, sometimes by Isis and sometimes by Nephthys, seems to represent as a nature god either the darkest part of the twilight or the earliest dawn.

He is depicted either in human form with a jackal's head, or as a jackal. In the legend of Osiris and Isis, Anubis played a prominent part in connexion with the dead body of Osiris, and in papyri we see him standing as a guard and protector of the deceased lying upon the bier; in the judgment scene he is found as the guard of the balance, the pointer of which he watches with great diligence.

He became the recognized god of the sepulchral chamber, and eventually presided over the whole of the "funeral Mountain.

Another form of Anubis was the god Ap-uat , the of the pyramid texts,[3] or "Opener of the ways," who also was depicted in the form of a jackal; and the two gods are often confounded.

Among the primeval gods are two, Hu and Saa who are seen in the boat of the sun at the creation.

They are the children of Tmu or Tmu-Ra, but the exact part which they play as nature gods has not yet, it seems, been satisfactorily made out.

The first mention of them in the pyramid texts records their subjugation by the deceased,[5] but in the Theban Book of the Dead. Tehuti or Thoth represented the divine intelligence which at creation uttered the words that were carried into effect by Ptah and Khnemu.

He was self produced, and was the great god of the earth, air, sea and sky; and he united in himself the attributes of many gods.

He was the scribe of the gods, and, as such, he was regarded as the inventor of all the arts and sciences known to the Egyptians; some of his titles are "lord of writing," "master of papyrus," "maker of the palette and the ink-jar," "the mighty speaker," "the sweet tongued"; and the words and compositions which he recited on behalf of the deceased preserved the latter from the influence of hostile powers and made him invincible in the "other world.

As the chronologer of heaven and earth, he became the god of the moon; and as the reckoner of time, he obtained his name Tehuti , i. When the great combat took place between Horus, the son of Isis, and Set, Thoth was present as judge, and he gave to Isis the cow's head in the place of her own which was cut off by Horus in his rage at her interference; having reference to this fact he is called Ap-rehui, "The judge of the two combatants.

It has been thought that there were two gods called Thoth, one being a form of Shu; but the attributes belonging to each have not yet been satisfactorily defined.

Maat , the wife of Thoth, was the daughter of Ra, and a very ancient goddess; she seems to have assisted Ptah and Khnemu in carrying out rightly the work of creation ordered by Thoth.

There is no one word which will exactly describe the Egyptian conception of Maat both from a physical and from a moral point of view; but the fundamental idea of the word is " straight," and from the Egyptian texts it is clear that maat meant right, true, truth, real, genuine, upright, righteous, just, steadfast, unalterable, etc.

Thus already in the Prisse papyrus it is said, "Great is maat , the mighty and unalterable, and it hath never been broken since the time of Osiris,"[1] and Ptah-hetep counsels his listener to "make maat , or right and truth, to germinate.

Het-heru , or Hathor the "house of Horus," was the goddess of the sky wherein Horus the sun-god rose and set. Subsequently a great number of goddesses of the same name were developed from her, and these were identified with Isis, Neith, Iusaset, and many other goddesses whose attributes they absorbed.

A group of seven Hathors is also mentioned, and these appear to have partaken of the nature of good fairies. In one form Hathor was the goddess of love, beauty,.

The various meanings of maat are illustrated by abundant passages from Egyptian texts by Brugsch, Wörterbuch Suppl.

Often she has the form of a cow--the animal sacred to her--and in this form she appears as the goddess of the tomb or Ta-sertet, and she provides meat and drink for the deceased.

Meht-urt is the personification of that part of the sky wherein the sun rises, and also of that part of it in which he takes his daily course; she is depicted in the form of a cow, along the body of which the two barks of the sun are seen sailing.

Already in the pyramid texts we find the attribute of judge ascribed to Meh-urt,[2] and down to a very late date the judgment of the deceased in the hall of double Maat in the presence of Thoth and the other gods was believed to take place in the abode of Meh-urt.

Net or Neith , "the divine mother, the lady of heaven, the mistress of the gods," was one of the most ancient deities of Egypt, and in the pyramid texts she appears as the mother of Sebek.

In one form she was the goddess of the loom and shuttle, and also of the chase; in this aspect she was identified by the Greeks with Athene. She is depicted in the form of a woman, having upon her head the shuttle or arrows, or she wears the crown and holds arrows, a bow, and a sceptre in her left hand; she also appears in the form of a cow.

She was the personification of the burning heat of the sun, and as such was the destroyer of the enemies of Ra and Osiris.

When Ra determined to punish mankind with death, because they scoffed at him, he sent Sekhet, his "eye," to perform the work of vengeance; illustrative of this aspect of her is a figure wherein she is depicted with the sun's eye for a head.

A good set of illustrations of this goddess will be found in Lanzone, op. Bast , according to one legend, was the mother of Nefer-Tmu.

She was the personification of the gentle and fructifying heat of the sun, as opposed to that personified by Sekhet. The cat was sacred to Bast, and the goddess is usually depicted cat-headed.

The most famous seat of her worship was the city of Bubastis, the modern Tell Basta, in the Delta. Nefer-Tmu was the son either of Sekhet or Bast, and he personified some form of the sun's heat.

Neheb-ka is the name of a goddess who is usually represented with the head of a serpent, and with whom the deceased identifies himself. Sebak a form of Horus the sun-god, must be distinguished from Sebak the companion of Set, the opponent of Osiris; of each of these gods the crocodile was the sacred animal, and for this reason probably the gods themselves were confounded.

Sebak-Ra, the lord of Ombos, is usually depicted in human form with the head of a crocodile, surmounted by , , or , or. Amsu or Amsi is one of the most ancient gods of Egypt.

He personified the power of generation, or the reproductive force of nature; he was the "father of his own mother," and was identified with "Horus the mighty," or with Horus the avenger of his father Un-nefer or Osiris.

He is depicted usually in the form of a man standing upon; and he has upon his head the plumes and holds the flail in his right hand, which is raised above his shoulder.

Neb-er-tcher , a name which originally implied the "god of the universe," but which was subsequently given to Osiris, and indicated the god after the completed reconstruction of his body, which had been hacked to pieces by Set.

Un-nefer a name of Osiris in his capacity of god and judge of the dead in the underworld. Some make these words to mean the "good being," and others the "beautiful hare.

Mert or Mer-sekert the lover of silence," is a name of Isis or Hathor as goddess of the underworld. She is depicted in the form of a woman, having a disk and horns upon her head.

Serq or Selk is a form of the goddess Isis. She is usually depicted in the form of a woman, with a scorpion upon her head; occasionally she appears as a scorpion with a woman's head surmounted by disk and horns.

Ta-urt , the Thoueris of the Greeks, was identified as the wife of Set or Typhon; she is also known under the names Apt and Sheput.

Her common titles are "mistress of the gods and "bearer of the gods". She is depicted in the form of a hippopotamus standing on her hind legs, with distended paunch and hanging breasts, and one of her forefeet rests upon ; sometimes she has the head of a woman, but she always wears the disk, horns, and plumes[4].

Uatchit was a form of Hathor, and was identified with the appearance of the sky in the north when the sun rose. Beb , Bebti , Baba , or Babu , mentioned three times in the Book of the Dead, is the "firstborn son of Osiris," and seems to be one of the gods of generation.

Hapi is the name of the great god of the Nile who was worshipped in Egypt under two forms, i. From the earliest times the Nile was regarded by the Egyptians as the source of all the prosperity of Egypt, and it was honoured as being the type of the life-giving waters out of the midst of which sprang the gods and all created things.

In turn it was identified with all the gods of Egypt, new or old, and its influence was so great upon the minds of the Egyptians that from the earliest days they depicted to themselves a material heaven wherein the Isles of the Blest were laved by the waters of the Nile, and the approach to which was by the way of its stream as it flowed to the north.

Others again lived in imagination on the banks of the heavenly Nile, whereon they built cities; and it seems as if the Egyptians never succeeded in conceiving a heaven without a Nile and canals.

The Nile is depicted in the form of a man, who wears upon his head a clump of papyrus or lotus flowers; his breasts are those of a woman, indicating fertility.

Lanzone reproduces an interesting scene[1] in which the north and south Nile gods are tying a papyrus and a lotus stalk around the emblem of union to indicate the unity of Upper and Lower Egypt, and this emblem is found cut upon the thrones of the kings of Egypt to indicate their sovereignty over the regions traversed by the South and North Niles.

It has already been said that Hapi was identified with all the gods in turn, and it follows as a matter of course that the attributes of each were ascribed to him; in one respect, however he is different from them all, for of him it is written.

In the pyramid texts we find a group of four gods with whom the deceased is closely connected in the "other world"; these are the four "children of Horus" whose names are given in the following order: Each was supposed to be lord of one of the quarters of the world, and finally became the god of one of the cardinal points.

Hapi represented the north, Tuamautef the east, Amset the south, and Qebhsennuf the west. For the hieratic text from which this extract is taken see Birch, Select Papyri , pll.

Yes, you are right. Some bio info from my German blog, with a translator included! God bless you all. It stops the debate in its tracks.

Gordon Duff is on a George Soros whitewash again. He says he is an anti-Zionist. Soros is a convicted felon. He was convicted of insider trading in France and denied Appeal.

Its on the internet. I know Soros has flown to Courrour estate in Scotland to meet with Jacon Rothschild, whose family financed the creation of Israel, and the head of what was called Blackwater.

A friend in the British army saw them meet. The two psychopaths attempted to break the camera filming their attack and stole the sign, There were 4 DC metro police watching from 10 yards away.

Do you know Mike Peled? I puplished his Speech on Israel on this Blog below. It is in English too. Worthy to be listened to!

As much as the Jews would love to see all of this vanish down the rabbi hole, my guess is that the dead links if not hacked by the Internet JDL may be due the folks doing some YT Channel housekeeping after the conference last Friday and trying to edit and arrange and post clips.

I know that Smith does pay out considerable money related to fees and lawsuits under the FOIA getting government documents, which he keeps archived at his IRmep site about the activities of the Israel Lobby, going back as far as the 50s and 60s if not earlier when efforts were made to get the Zionist Organization of America to register as a foreign agent, before it was re-incorporated as AIPAC.

His IRmep site is a national treasure trove of declassified documents related to decades of Israel Lobby activity, which also includes the evangelical Judaizing Zio-christian Israel worshipers.

Mearsheimer was the keynote speaker, 2 on the speaker roster. The world of Jewish Purim foolery and spoofs literally has no bounds, especially when money is no object.

Madonna, Blair, Putin and Bin Laden in celebrity MegillahCharacters from the Purim story portrayed as figures from the world of politics and entertainment in a Megillah to be auctioned this week.

Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and Madonna are among the many celebrities who are portrayed in a unique and specially-designed Purim Megillah that is up for auction this week.

Figures from the Megillah are represented as caricatures of famous politicians and celebrities, including Madonna as Queen Esther — complete with blonde hair and green eyeshadow — Osama bin Laden as Haman, Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat as his cronies and George Bush as King Achashverosh.

He created the master sketch, then sent it out to tens of artists and painters in a process that took about a year.

Master scribe Avital Goldner wrote the text after all the pictures were complete. Many waved the red, white and black national colors and denounced Saudi Arabia and the United States they blame for the war.

Some displayed placards that read: I wonder what books get thrown on the truck at the book charity in southwest Ohio to be taken to the shredder to be made into paper pulp?

A big truck pulls in every week to get filled. But who decides what gets discarded? I would think any books on the Amazon banned list would get thrown on the truck.

Any books that criticize Israel or the Babylonian Talmud would get thrown on the truck. Any 19th century Christian sermon books warning about Jews might get thrown on the truck.

I wonder if the New Testament and Jesus statements would find their way on the truck or the Book of Mormon that contains very critical comments about Jews.

Certainly, books on Islam or the Koran might find their way on the truck especially since the Koran has positive comments about Jesus and Mary that might be found offensive.

I told all the boys and young men I spoke with that Yom Kippur is coming up, and that they have to repent of these sins and renounce Zionism.

Then tonight, not that I should have been surprised by this, but this was still disturbing, the Jewish Thought Police entered the scene.

I began to explain, and right then a Jewish woman working as private security officer for AIPAC told the boys to end the discussion because they were forbidden to talk to me specifically.

The boys walked away whipped by this Jewish woman private security officer, with their tails tucked between their legs.

The same thing happened again with two other sets of Jewish boys and young men who came up to talk with me, knowing me from my Videos.

Jews have a real problem with facts, with truth, and thus, as it is with the Amazon Book Burning, the Jewish Thought Police enter in.

Right after this, a Gentile young man came up to me from AIPAC to ask me some questions, and this time two Jewish women security officers came up to him, and said he was forbidden to speak to me.

Another bunch of Jewish boys and young men from AIPAC who know me from my Videos, came up to carry on a discussion with me and ask some questions.

Then some man from AIPAC security came up, and told these young men they were forbidden to talk to me. Who drives by me last week but Governor Huckabee, a well-known Zio-christian.

He looked at me holding up the Holy Cross as he drove by, and suddenly put on a very sour expression.

When he saw me and the Holy Cross, he had a very disturbed, even troubled look on his face as he passed by. There are hundreds of WWII incidents where Christians were burned inside their own churches and monasteries by various warring parties, not to mention homes, barnes, whatever.

In the same war. By Judeo-communist Partisans, no less. Oh, wait, I forgot. To Jews, Jesus is a false messiah, an imposter, Christians are Edomites, and churches are really nothing more than pig pens to many Jews.

Or spit on our priests if they get a chance. A week after Amazon stopped selling Confederate flags in the wake of a deadly shooting, Jewish organizations are calling on Amazon to ban books denying the Holocaust.

Sacramento Rabbi Mendy Cohen is leveling serious charges against Amazon for selling books denying the Holocaust. Compounding the dilemma for Amazon is its recent stance on the Confederate flag.

The company joined Walmart, Sears and eBay by stopping sales of merchandise with the flag in the wake of a South Carolina shooting that left nine people dead.

Amazon has a list of offensive products it refuses to sell, which they say includes products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance.

But Amazon officials did not respond to CBS13 for the story. The control of the offspring is insidious. Or are they Israel-first?

Do they even know? Last year I witnessed a morning school arrival through electric gates, students in cars and armoured buses! As an Australian taxpayer I took this as an insult.

Australia is just another Zionist colony having its cash and wealth mined and slipped back to Israel. The Palestinian cause has reached its grave, sorry to say.

Jews have more power than ever. It would be handy if someone in Switzerland could access the budget of Adamus and otherwsie follow his money trail.

Then When you try to get rid of the pop up box from hell you lose everything you have already typed in. Not sure who is behind this but maybe its Duff as the words Veterans Today and Duff are two that bring on the pop up box?

I often find his POV or that of his guests interesting, but his work is so very inconsistent that you cannot really trust anything that either he or his bat boy Ian Greenhalg have to say.

One day Duff will write absolute BS such as his story about the Chinese making a deal with undersea alien invaders off the California Coast.

Duff has this irritating habit of glomning on to other peoples work with long introductions and its only after you read down a few paragraphs that you find that someone else wrote it.

He casts himself as a expert in certain areas such as Africa, but when you google his work there all you find all he did is make a feeble attempt to unload some obsolete war surplus, hot air balloons on an unsuspecting African government.

He tells Press TV what they want to hear so they use him. I think he is right about RT being an Israeli turned site.

Duff is worth looking at but not worth taking at face value. He is defintely a knee jerk supporter of Soros, Bloomberg and the Democratic Party.

A good money trail would explain everything about him. AIPAC announces it will take over student government https: Larry King is award winning, and has long been popular in America in general, and there are American Jews living in Israel.

I actually like listening to King if the topic interests me since his move to RT back in He makes some tough interviews.

King took a lot of heat for associating with RT to begin with. If the Russian government did try to censor one of his podcasts, King would probably dissolve the licensing contract.

The mad thing about the Jews is that they have controlled just about all media including TV, and nowadays the internet too, and they are by far the very worst enemy that freedom of speech has ever faced.

The Jew boys have competely shut down freedom of speech in Germany, Austria and Canada. Kathejuliane would already be in jail with Ernst Zundel if she lived and posted her excellent material in those countries.

And talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Duff claims to have been on the intelligence team that followed the Pollard case and maybe its true.

Hard to know with Duff. And foreign-owned CNN did nothing except rabidly try to choose the American president in the form of Hillary Clinton for Israel and they have the nerve to say Russia was trying to sway the American electorate.

The CNN staff are as worthless a collection of whores for Israel as have ever drawn the breath of life.

The only thing Jews in the media have contributed to freedom of speech is consistent treachery — and it never stops.

Its not a part of their degenerate, throat-cutting culture that has always sought to centralize power at the expense of others to full fil their slavery of others wet dream.

If they call it holocaust denial, then they are witch-hunting and burning books that do not fit their narrative, this being in denial themself.

Also they are in denial of the apartheid system they installed and ethnic cleaning in Palestine. In regard to Jews protesting for Palestine, it is controlled opposition and is done to save their face in America as not all Jews are American Democrats.

In the end, these are games they play as even most liberal Jews are dedicated to Israel. The following might, and should , fill folk with alarm.

Note the auther is a veteran of the Judas Class in D. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Surely you will agree Jesus Christ in his short life shunned extravagance, personal wealth, Devilish power etc. One will be remembered for the good and bad things one does during their mortal lives here on earth.

By the end of its year run, even Archie Bunker has raised a Jewish child in his home, befriended a Black Jew implication: Judaism has no ethnic connotations , gone into business with a Jewish partner, enrolled as a member of a synagogue and praised his close friend at Jewish funeral.

Jess Oppenheimer Michael R. Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria - with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources.

The plan would rely on significant investment from the U. The six-year-long conflict in Syria is a textbook example of the efforts of several governments to destabilize and then re-create a nation in order to align it according to their own geopolitical and economic interests.

Chief among these nations is Israel, a colonial ethno-state that has consistently defended any and all efforts — regardless of their connection to terrorism — that could depose Assad.

This plan would be funded by the U. Though Syria was very much involved in these early wars, as well as in clashes with Israel over disputed territory on their shared border, the animosity between the two nations culminated decades later in the Six-Day War of Though Israel eventually returned some of the territory it seized, it continued to retain control of the Golan Heights, moving to fully occupy the territory in through the construction of settlements and the expansion of its military presence in the region.

Due to the seizure of this land and other political and military conflicts with Israel over the years, tensions between Israel and Syria have remained high, especially considering that they have technically been in a state of war with each other for several decades.

This plan laid the groundwork for the emergence of the current conflict in — chiefly through the funding of Islamic extremists and the strengthening of sectarian divisions.

Fomenting sectarianism in Middle Eastern nations is a time-tested strategy that has frequently been used by Israeli political and military interests against nations whose territory it seeks to annex.

Thus, it seems logical that Israel would follow the same playbook in Syria, particularly when it is so keenly interested in the Golan Heights.

As the crisis in Syria drags on, Israel continues to make efforts to expand its settlements in the Golan Heights, despite the fact that these settlements are considered illegal under international law.

In , Israel announced plans to quintuple the size of its existing settler population of some 21, Israelis in the Golan by adding more than , settlers by However, developing these reserves has remained elusive, as its illegal occupation of the area renders any efforts to extract resources illegal as well under international law.

With the Syrians and international community distracted by the chaos caused by Israeli-funded opposition groups, Israeli fossil fuel interests have begun drilling exploratory wells throughout the Golan Heights.

According to the proposal, the U. Despite the weight that such a plan would place upon U. Lots of excellent links at: God Bless you each time you go out with the gift of perseverance.

I believe communication is important. You remind me of Our Lord Jesus Christ when he went out among the people. I also admire you ministry.

I believe your ministry is important. I am very old and poor, but love and wish the very best for my oppressed—by the gangster-elite—for a thousand years-fellow man and woman.

So, I pay what little- and it is very little- in deed from my pension to BroN, to help him work and live. I really beg you now, to contribute whetever little- or large, you can, and to encourage others to do so.

Just something, whatever, because BroN is a treasure- not just an US one. But BroN has given hope to me- dared to say things that no-one else had the courage to say, and needed saying, for like Gilad Atzmon, he can speak for, and defend us harmless, wellmeaning, love-wishing Goys against the psychopath, racist gangster misbreeds.

We worry sick about your life, very much because of the intelligence corps of USA as well as the one in Israel.

Your days could be counted for the formidable exposure you have, on your own, taken over your shoulders. May Michael the Archangel be with you and protect you from the claws of the enemy Satan and its legions.

Hail Mary for you and Our Father and Glory be for your protection. Implore your guardian angel, and above all the most precious blood of Jesus be all over you in protection.

I salute the young Gentile man who stood his ground against the AIPAC security guard who had tried to shoo him away from you she already had shooed away the groups of young Jewish men and boys a few times.

King, editor of TomatoBubble. Shortly after I received and read it, I asked Mike to send you a copy at your current address in Idaho.

Considering the fact that the school could only be in Rose Bay, the area of the rich Jews in Sydney, and with the Jewish connection to Princes William and Harry, along with Kate Middleton and their heir Prince George as all being Jews, it is still somewhat surprising that at that school, the pupils were treated as royalty.

This is an assault on the powers of the Australian Government, the Australian people, the Judiciary and the Police as well as the Army. Our very Australian way of life and most Aussies are primed to believe the danger is from the Radical Moslems.

Is this the case in say Germany, one wonders? Or in the U. Certainly in government levels. Firstly, there was the governmental outcry against the intellectual German migrant from Adelaide, who denied the Holocaust.

They especially made statements in Parliament against him, particularly the Greens Party and he has been persecuted.

The next day on Television, a member of the Jewish Lobby castigated Tony. Sure enough, out went Tony and in went Malcolm Turnbull in a matter of days, even the Foreign Minister switching sides most eagerly.

It depends on which side the bread is buttered and there was the indication. Steve Oz, perhaps you do know the place of concentration where went most of the gold unearthed from Australia going back many decades.

Rather, he preaches the kingdom of heaven in place of the kingdom of earth, as in the millennium falsely anticipated by millions.

In heavenly wisdom, he does not proclaim the kingdoms of this world and of Satan. He does follow the words of Jesus who said: Ventures into the world of the Internet and that of the cities of America, are fraught with wisdom and innocence even as Jesus also said:.

Those who are sent out by Christ in our time are to act in this manner of wisdom and innocence and it is to be heavenly wisdom with a full understanding of the Scriptures and their End-Time message.

A partial knowledge is not good enough. Paul , are to be withstood by His messengers and are to be defeated with a greater wisdom.

He wrote in an above comment: Dark Times Ahead for Israel https: The United States has a special relationship with Israel that has no parallel in modern history, and it is almost wholly due to the [Israel] Lobby.

The aid is given unconditionally. In other words, Israel gets its aid even when it does things the United States opposes, like building settlements in the West Bank.

Public support for Israel in the United States has never been particularly strong. One way the Lobby deals with this thin support is to have significant influence both inside the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Anyone who wants to be a serious player in the making of US foreign policy understands full well that if he or she criticizes Israel there will be a price to pay.

Until recently, Israel and its supporters were able to maintain the fiction that there would eventually be a legitimate Palestinian state living side by side with Israel.

Bottom line, the days when Israel was seen as a morally upright David taking on an evil Goliath are over. Where the Lobby almost always wins is on matters relating to the Palestinians and financial support for Israel.

I believe dark times are ahead for both Israel and the Lobby. Greater Israel is here to stay, and that state is, and will remain, an apartheid state.

It will probably take another twenty or thirty years before we understand how this conflict will ultimately be resolved, or maybe not resolved.

Regardless of the outcome, I am deeply sad to say, that the decades ahead promise abundant trouble for Israel, and especially for the Palestinians. I appreciate your sharing of your own struggles to remain true to Jesus Christ, your insights, and your commitment to seeking out the historical facts and truths to punch through the confusing lies and fables of the Shoah Business, and the continued psychological and political subjection, and collective punishment of Germans as a consequence of WWII in order to find some healing for yourself.

I fully empathize with what you are saying. I started awhile back reading as much as I could from the brave and dedicated historical revisionists.

This is the blog of a year-old man of German descent who is fed up with seemingly endless propaganda, lies, distortions of fact, and the defamation of the German people, who suffered more than any other nation in World War II, and is still occupied today.

And I am sick and tired of the absurd and ever-growing volume of lies being manufactured, told and sold to this day about Hitler, National Socialism, WWII, and Germany.

I am tired of Anti-Germanism and of self-hating Germans. It is a term coined by the enemies of National Socialism as a pejorative slur.

Anyone posting comments is asked to respect this as well. I am not a White Nationalist nor a promoter of Aryanism. I am not part of the Christian Identity movement.

I have no affiliations. I am not here to promote hatred, violence or revenge against anyone or any group.

Indeed, nothing on this site should be construed as such. This is a significant blow to my ministry. As a result, we have placed a permanent limitation on your account.

We ask that you please remove all references to PayPal from your website. This includes removing PayPal as a payment option, as well as the PayPal logo.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions or need our support, please contact the PayPal Brand Risk Management Department at aup paypal.

PayPal is notorious for its practice of suddenly freezing accounts without prior notice and without clear reason using some arcane, kabbalah method of its own whimsy.

Considering the timing of this, I rather suspect there was some kind of planned mass email barrage by annoyed AIPAC Jews and their Hasabarah shooting off a bazillion whinging complaints to PayPal.

I am praying hard over this, that the Lord will provide a speedy and satisfactory solution to this obstacle that Satan has set in your way.

It seems to me there are now a number of proven alternative payment platforms to PayPal or Bit Coin for donations, which may be far more flexible and convenient for people to use than PayPal, especially mobile, and which even have world-wide reach.

No doubt about that. Everyone around the world has a PayPal account and was my main donation venue. Things were tough enough with it, but now without it things will be at rock bottom.

Over the years very few have used Click and Pledge although it works well. Only a miracle now can save my ministry.

Add that to the 20, churches destroyed by the jew Bolsheviks in the former Soviet Union, many with the parish priest nailed to the front door, the raped and murdered bodies of the nuns incinerated inside with the holy relics of the saints.

Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate them really and I love my nation which is enslaved still…. Do not let Mr. My monthly donation is due, I too have from time to time received threats from PayPal where my account has been arbitrarily frozen.

Please advise all, in the fullness of time should monies go through to your foundation account will they be transferable?

It seems logical that Amazon or any operation controlled by Zionist Jews would suppress books and sources which expose Zionist lies such as the holocaust hoax.

The more I learn about the Hegelian Dialectic HD and controlled opposition the more it seems like the media has been set up as a type of HD.

Foxnews gives the illusion that it represents the interests of Christians and conservatives, but most news outlets push left wing politics and ideas.

Hegelian methods set two opposing camps against each other and manipulate each side to achieve a pre-determined outcome.

That seems to be the basis for much of the news on TV, in newspapers, and other news outlets. News about politics especially is used for HD schemes.

Foxjews plays the role of supporting conservatives while CNN and other jews outlets plays the role of supporting liberals. But Jews control all these media sources.

Not just one side or the other. TV, movies, Hollywood, radio, jewspapers, books, magazines, and the rest of the mass media are the voice of Satan. Can anyone doubt these are the end times before the 2nd coming of Jesus when Jews control everything including all major money transactions?

We all knew this day would finally come. Brother Nathanael why dont you start selling these historical revisionist books by mail order from your website?

Angela Merkel is looking for ways to push Moscow into changing course in Syria, where Russia is supporting the Syrian army in a siege of areas of Aleppo held by terrorists.

With that in mind I thought I would post the following commentary recently published by Philip Giraldi. They are of course going to be speaking before an organization whose goal is to advance the interests of a foreign nation.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if Congress members were turning up to speak before a group dedicated to promoting Russian interests?

Additional speakers will include Isaac Herzog, Israeli politician and Knesset member, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will speak live via satellite.

But significantly not on the list at least as far as I can tell is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. For those who might think it worthwhile to contact Gabbard, you can do so at: If you do contact her, please be sure and thank her for supporting the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, and ask her to please consider introducing a bill to require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent.

If one were a neoconservative, what is there not to like, yet neocons in the media and ensconced comfortably in their multitude of think tanks hate Donald Trump.

I suspect it comes down to three reasons. First, it is because Trump knows who was sticking the knife in his back during his campaign in and he has neither forgiven nor hired them.

Nor does he pay any attention to their bleating, denying them the status that they think they deserve because of their self-promoted foreign policy brilliance.

The predominantly Jewish neocons always imagine the thunder of hooves of approaching Cossacks preparing to engage in pogroms whenever they hear the word Russia.

When not musing over how it is always and one is in Munich, neocons are nearly as unsettled when they think it is in Odessa.

The third reason, linked to number two, is that having a plausible and dangerous enemy like Russia on tap keeps the cash flowing from defense industries to the foundations and think tanks that the neocons nest in when they are not running the Pentagon and National Security Council.

So it is all about self-interest combined with tribal memory: The hatred of Trump runs so deep that a leading neocon Bill Kristol actually tweeted that he would prefer a country run by bureaucrats and special interests rather than the current constitutional arrangement.

The neocon vendetta was as well neatly summed up in two recent articles by Max Boot. Now, who is Max Boot and why should anyone care what he writes?

Russian-born, Max entered the United States with his family through a special visa exemption under the Jackson-Vanik Amendment even though they were not notably persecuted and only had to prove that they were Jewish.

Jackson-Vanik was one of the first public assertions of neoconism, having reportedly been drafted in the office of Senator Henry Jackson by no less than Richard Perle and Ben Wattenberg as a form of affirmative action for Russian Jews.

As refugees instead of immigrants, the new arrivals received welfare, health insurance, job placement, English language classes, and the opportunity to apply for U.

Max went to college at Berkeley and received an M. He was a member of the neocon incubator Project for a New American Century and now sits on the heavily neocon Council on Foreign Relations.

Boot characteristically has never served in the U. Along the way, it makes its case to come to that conclusion by accepting every single worst case scenario regarding Trump as true.

As is always the case, not one shred of evidence is produced to demonstrate that anyone associated with Donald Trump somehow became a Russian useful idiot, but Boot assumes that the White House is now being run out of the Kremlin.

National Review actually searched hard to find a gentile who could write the piece, one Kevin D. The Right Discovers the Deep State.

Williamson dodges the increasingly held view that America slid into the abyss when Washington declared war on the entire world and invaded Iraq based on a tissue of lies, in large part to benefit Israel, which is what matters and why the enabling role of the neocons is important.

And one might reasonably argue that U. And they are in your face every time you turn on the television or pick up a newspaper. Abrasive and abusive Professor Alan Dershowitz recently proclaimed that Jews should never apologize for Jewish power, saying that it is deserved and granted by God, but I for one think it is past time for a little pushback from the rest of us to make Washington protect American interests instead of those of Israel.

The neocon cult has been behind the promotion of Israel as well as the serial foreign policy misadventures since They are all Jews and many are connected in terms of their careers, which were heavily networked from the inside to advance them up the ladder, often to include moving between government and lucrative think tank and academic positions.

They mostly self-identify as neoconservatives and all share some significant traits, notably extreme dedication to Israel and embrace of the doctrine that the U.

Having made his pithy comments and dismissed neoconservatism-phobes as bigots, Williamson then wanders off subject into the Deep State, which, like neoconism apparently is some kind of urban legend being propagated by the poorly informed, whom these days he identifies as Trump supporters.

It is perhaps inevitable that Williamson is confused as he does not recognize how the American Deep State differs from that in most other countries — it is perhaps better described as the Establishment.

Unlike in places like Turkey, it operates largely out in the open and ostensibly legally along a New York-Washington axis that constantly revitalizes itself through the revolving door allowing the entry of politicians and high government officials who create and enforce the legislation that benefits Deep State interests.

Many of them support or are part of the neocon persuasion and frequently also of the Israel Lobby. The Amazon book titled The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black demonstrates how the Zionists lied to their own Jewish people, and someone needs to stand up to the Zionists.

This book documents how the Zionist wanted the Jews to leave Germany, and it was by the implication of Jewish persecution in Germany that the Zionist planned to accomplish all of their deceitful goals.

The biggest enemy of the Zionists were the Anti-Zionist Jews who were the majority in Germany in , and who eventually suffered the most from the German persecution.

The 15, plus participants began arriving on Sunday and will be here at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center until tomorrow morning, at which point many of them will descend on Congress like a swarm of ravenous locusts to make sure that our Solons on the Potomac are doing what is right by Israel.

It has nearly employees and also supports local chapters and initiatives throughout the United States. What do all those employees do?

They mostly lobby Congress and increasingly state legislatures shamelessly on behalf of a foreign country that has little in the way of actual common interests with the United States.

The congressmen, too lazy to engage in any real inquiry into what is going on, rely on the AIPAC research.

That is, lamentably, how our system works. And, of course, the redoubtable Professor Alan Dershowitz was also a featured speaker, a wonderful human being who recently told us goyim that Jewish power in this country is both deserved and granted by Jehovah.

It is interesting how Jews among themselves boast about their power but if a gentile so much as suggests the same thing it is anti-Semitism.

Such legislation is an abrogation of First Amendment rights and will likely prove to be unconstitutional if it ever gets to the Supreme Court, but Haley clearly believed then and believes now that nothing is too good when it comes to Israel.

Since going to the U. She blocked the appointment of a well-qualified Palestinian to a senior U.

Ignorant of nearly everything that goes on in the world outside the U. Stephen Harper is another certified knee jerker when it comes to Israel.

And former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, perhaps suggesting that love for Israel is truly international, spoke and was also probably paid handsomely to do so as he an incorporated brand.

Blair morphed his complicity with the United States over Iraq into a new complicity with Israel.

Blair helped render the Palestinian Authority more, not less, dependent on Israel. Instead of protecting the Palestinians from the Israeli settlers, Palestinian security forces have since been protecting Israeli settlers from Palestinian resentment.

The avenging angel Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the conference by satellite link and yet again described the threat posed by Iran.

The satellite visit was somewhat surprising, as he usually likes to drop by in person so he can pick up his annual tribute money from the U.

A rising tide, which we have just learned, was carried out by an Israeli Jew who also holds U. And, of course, Persia was an integral part of the conference as it is tough to want to destroy the entire Muslim Middle East without having a really formidable enemy to focus on.

Iran fits the bill quite nicely, but speakers were also prone to skewer those terrible Ay-rabs who just do not want peace.

And the Israelis settlements are not a problem, nosiree! The indigenous inhabitants will have to be removed, but as they are mostly terrorists that should be okay with the world community and Donald Trump.

The AIPAC gathering is really all about subverting Congress, so it is a good thing that a large majority of Congressmen were attending, making the necessary bowing and scraping that much easier.

And they will enjoy it even more when the 15, AIPAC loyalists descend on Capitol Hill as the conference ends to make sure that Congress is listening.

Even though I jest about the absurdity of thousands of Americans who appeared to be confused about what country they actually live in gathering to honor a foreign country that has an army that acts like a terrorist group, does not believe in equal rights even for its own citizens and bans visitors who do not accept its more questionable policies, the AIPAC people are not a joke.

They are a deadly serious threat to our own democracy and way of life as they have figured out how to use money and the power that money buys to leverage and corrupt the system in such a way as to produce wars and turmoil that have blown back on the United States and made every American citizen both less safe and poorer.

I have written and spoken before how AIPAC is ultimately doomed as Israel and its basic policies towards Arabs and its neighbors are unsustainable both from a human rights and practical point of view.

But that does not mean that it is going away any time soon. I managed to retrieve some information from these actions: It makes me think that there are some specific body attributes that must be contained in the request.

I am interested to control the switch from my home automation system based on Beckhoff CX Controller. If this works, the smart plugs will be a cost-efficient extension of my existing hard-wired home automation system.

What do I have to do to achieve this functionality? Mine is on firmware 1. The pin code does not work during setup.

Apparently this is a common problem with these on 1. Does anyone know how I can use this exploit to upgrade the firmware?

Your email address will not be published. By Craig May 15, - 6: Converting the Content-Length String to an Integer. May 15, at 7: May 15, at May 16, at May 16, at 2: May 16, at 3: May 16, at 4: I was curious about the register window.

What is that from, some mips emu? May 17, at 3: Stone Arrow Bearson says: May 16, at 7: May 17, at 4: May 17, at 5: May 18, at 3: May 18, at 8: May 19, at 8: May 19, at May 20, at 7: June 29, at July 1, at May 20, at 5: May 20, at Please dont stop writing more posts!

May 21, at 2: May 22, at August 18, at 3: August 18, at August 24, at 9: October 7, at 4: The German, Australian, and French governments publicly issued warnings to users of Internet Explorer after the attack, advising them to use alternative browsers at least until a fix for the security hole was made.

In an advisory on January 14, , Microsoft said that attackers targeting Google and other U. The Internet Explorer exploit code used in the attack has been released into the public domain, and has been incorporated into the Metasploit Framework penetration testing tool.

A copy of the exploit was uploaded to Wepawet, a service for detecting and analyzing web-based malware operated by the computer security group at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Security company Websense said it identified "limited public use" of the unpatched IE vulnerability in drive-by attacks against users who strayed onto malicious Web sites.

Microsoft admitted that the security hole used had been known to them since September. Security researchers continued to investigate the attacks.

HBGary , a security firm, released a report in which they claimed to have found some significant markers that might help identify the code developer.

The firm also said that the code was Chinese language based but could not be specifically tied to any government entity. On February 19, , a security expert investigating the cyber-attack on Google, has claimed that the people behind the attack were also responsible for the cyber-attacks made on several Fortune companies in the past one and a half years.

They have also tracked the attack back to its point of origin, which seems to be two Chinese schools, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Lanxiang Vocational School.

In March , Symantec , which was helping investigate the attack for Google, identified Shaoxing as the source of To prevent future cyberattacks such as Operation Aurora, Amitai Etzioni of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies has suggested that the United States and China agree to a policy of mutually assured restraint with respect to cyberspace.

This would involve allowing both states to take the measures they deem necessary for their self-defense while simultaneously agreeing to refrain from taking offensive steps; it would also entail vetting these commitments.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Aurora Generator Test. Retrieved 17 January Experts ID two huge cyber 'gangs' in China".

Retrieved 24 February Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 2 Mar Retrieved 20 January Archived from the original on 11 September Retrieved 4 March US Department of State.

Archived from the original on 28 March Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 26 January

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